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Premium mattress shouldn't be a luxury. At AMAZEAM, we traveled across the globe in search of industry experts with decades of experience.

The growth of AMAZEAM marks an important role as an industry pioneer. Our approach in this business is distinct. Adapting our business model makes it possible for us to share with you the world’s finest quality, at fair and honest prices.

Our structure allows us to communicate with customers directly. It is rather unique from your typical mattress companies. We minimize outsourcing as much as we can and instead, do most of the back-end and front-end tasks in-house, removing any unnecessary procedures that will increase costs.

By executing our designs in-house, selling online, eliminating the intermediaries and working directly with our partner manufacturers and factories, we’re able to cut a huge amount of non-essential costs.

We cut as much unnecessary costs as we can, making the finest quality mattress to you at the best possible price.

Cool Gel Air Memory Foam

Air Memory Foam Technology is now the ‘Gold Standard' for mattress comfort.

It outperforms traditional memory foam in all of the critical elements of comfort providing:

  • Optimized pressure relief
  • Long lasting durability
  • Reduced motion transfer meaning less interrupted sleep
  • Faster recovery and broader wellness benefits
  • Open cell foam structure for rapid air flow that draw heat away from body
  • Swirl Gel regulates the temperature of the body


The Science Behind A Truly Awesome Night's Sleep

Swirl Gel Air Memory Foam is a truly unique and innovative technology. It's Supportive Air Technology uses billions of microscopic air capsules to provide unparalleled support while dramatically reducing pressure. Each tiny cell acts as an individual shock absorber releasing air independently as pressure increases. This independent response ensures individualized comfort and support. Air memory foam greatly reduces pressure to hip and back areas when compared to other foams including high end memory foam. Optimal support and pressure relief means exceptional comfort for you.


Cool Comfort

Amazeam mattress is designed to help you to sleep cooler. The cool gel built in the air memory foam release helps to regulate your body temperature and thanks to the open cell structure technology of the air memory foam which enhance the air flow of the foam, and drawing the heat much faster away from your body. Thus ensuring you sleep at a more comfortable temperature throughout the night.

Every mattress is also finished with our signature heat phase change material providing cool and luxurious sleep in any climate-you can even take it off and wash it!

Now you can wake up refreshed and ready to live your dream no matter where you are!