Find Your Ideal Bed Size - Amazeam's Guide to Malaysian Mattress Dimensions

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Find Your Ideal Bed Size - Amazeam


Welcome to the realm of unparalleled comfort with Amazeam, where every mattress tells a story of luxury and serenity. In the heart of Malaysia, we understand that the right mattress is more than a sleeping surface; it's a sanctuary for your dreams. From majestic king size mattresses to space-efficient IKEA single beds, Amazeam is here to redefine your sleep experience.

A Glimpse of Malaysia Mattress Sizes: 

Table header 0Mattress Size Dimensions Width x Length (CM)
Malaysia StandardSingle91 x 190 cm
Super Single107 x 190 cm
Queen152 x 190 cm
King183 x 190 cm
IKEA MalaysiaSingle (Single XL)90 x 200 cm
Queen (Queen XL)150 x 200 cm
King (King XL)180 x 200cm

IKEA bedframe for Single, Queen and King are 200 cm in length, 10 cm longer than standard (standard = 190 cm). You could look for extra length (XL) mattress of 200 cm to perfect fit their bedframe.

Deciphering The Ideal Mattress Size For You:

Your guide to finding that elusive sleep haven. 

Single Size Mattress

Dimensions: 91 x 190cm (36 x 75 inches)

A single size mattress is the smallest bed on the market at 91 cm wide and 190 cm long. It is the perfect mattress size for growing children or single sleepers with a small space.

Room size: The minimum room size for a single bed to fit naturally is 7 x 10 feet. 

Best for
: Single sleepers, children


Amazeam single bed size, 91 cm by 190 cm, ideal for compact spaces
Amazeam single XL mattress, 90cm by 200cm, extended length for taller individuals, offering extra legroom

Single XL Size Mattress

Dimensions: 90 x 200cm (35 x 79 inches)

The single slightly longer cousin, the Single XL (IKEA Single) size, measures 10 cm longer than a single. A single XL mattress is a good solution for taller teenagers, students and individual adults with limited space.

Room size: The minimum room size for a single XL bed to fit naturally is 7 x 11 feet.

Best for : Taller teenagers, single adults, IKEA bunk beds or anyone with limited space.

Perfect fit for : IKEA Malaysia Single Bed frame

Super Single Size Mattress

Dimensions: 107 x 190cm (42 x 75 inches)

A super single bed size is wider than a single but smaller than a queen size mattress. A super single is great for a child to grow into or for a single sleeper who wants more space than a single offers.

Room size: The minimum room size for a super single bed to fit naturally is 9 x 10 feet.

Best for : Single adults, growing child who wants more space.

Wider Amazeam super single bed size, 107cm by 190cm, providing more sleeping space than a standard single
Standard Amazeam queen size bed with measurement of 152cm by 190cm, perfect balance of space and comfort for couples in Malaysia

Queen Size Mattress

Dimensions: 152 x 190cm (60 x 75 inches)

A queen bed size is the most popular mattress size for couples in Malaysia. A queen size bed offers extra room for standard size couple to sleep comfortably yet does not take up additional bedroom space. Queen beds are large enough that individual sleepers can sprawl out with room to spare.
Room size: The queen mattress, with its standard queen size bed measurement of 152 x 190cm, fits best in a master bedroom that is at least 10 x 10 feet.

Best for : Couples or adults

Queen XL Size Mattress

Dimensions: 150 x 200cm (59 x 79 inches)

A queen XL (IKEA Queen) or some may refer it as super queen size mattress measures 10 cm longer than a queen, making it perfect for taller sleepers and couples who want extra length for more comfortable sleep.

Room size: The queen XL mattress fits best in a master bedroom that is at least 10 x 11 feet.

Best for : Couples or adults who needs more leg room.

Amazeam queen XL mattress, longer design for taller sleepers, 150cm by 200cm, combining luxury with extra space.
Amazeam king size bed dimension of 183cm by 190cm, offering ample space and luxury for couples.

King Size Mattress

Dimensions: 183 x 190cm (72 x 75 inches)

A king-size mattres is great for couples, with 31 cm or 12 inches more width than a queen-size mattress. A king size bed gives you and your partner plenty of your own space.

Room size: The king mattress, with its standard king size bed dimension of 183 x 190 cm, fits best in a master bedroom that is at least 11 x 11 feet.

Best for : Couples with kids or pets who want a luxurious amount of space.

King XL Size Mattress

Dimensions: 180 x 200cm (71 x 79 inches)

A king XL (IKEA King) or some may refer it as super king size mattress is same dimensions as king except it is extra 10 centimeters longer, making it ideal for taller sleepers, especially people more than six feet tall. Of course, people of average height might also benefit from a king XL depending on how many people and pets are sharing the bed.

Room size: The king XL mattress, with its IKEA king size mattress measurement of 180 x 200 cm, fits best in a master bedroom that is at least 11 x 12 feet.

Best for : Taller couples who enjoy their space or share a bed with children.

Perfect fit for :  IKEA Malaysia King Bed frame 

Extra-long Amazeam king XL bed size, 180cm by 200cm, ultimate luxury and space, ideal for taller individuals

Unlocking Your Perfect Sleep Experience:

The bed you choose can transform your nights and energize your days. So, how do you select the one?

Well, with Amazeam, it's simpler than you think! Here’s our commitment to your ultimate comfort: Every Amazeam mattress comes with a 100-night risk-free trial. That's right, take your time. We believe in the luxury of our mattresses, but more importantly, we believe in your right to experience it. If, within those 100 nights, you feel it's not the perfect match – we’ll take it back, no questions asked. Full refund, no strings attached.

From sprawling beds fit for royalty to efficient sizes for the contemporary Malaysian, we have it all. Tailored to suit standard frames or the trendy Ikea sizes, our range is designed keeping YOU in mind. Our extended range, be it Single XL, Queen XL, or King XL, aligns seamlessly with Ikea frames, ensuring the taller individuals aren't left out. But if it's the traditional sizes you're after, our Single, Super Single, Queen, and King variants sit pretty in Malaysian homes.

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