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Amazeam Mattress Malaysia
Nadarajah Silverlinggam
Very very good mattress

We very happy to use

Love it to the Mon and back

I love the mattress. Having said that, it is not for those who prefer hard mattresses. I love this particularly because it's soft and your body melts into it. I have less aches thanbefore( I'm the type who sleeps on my arms). For those who love soft mattresses, this is the one.

Amazeam Mattress Malaysia
Loving it!

I’ve been diagnosed with electrical back pain from Orthopaedic & Traumatology specialist a few years back. Recently my back pain became worse, so I went to a chiropractor & physiotherapy for some treatment and they advised me to get a better mattress. After few weeks of searching, I found this Amazeam and its material saying that it has “Provide comfort and contouring for natural alignment of the neck, waist, hip and spine.” & “A supportive, foam base layer provides optimal, firmer and chiropractic back support and durability for sleepers of all shapes & sizes.” So, decided to give it a try! It's been two weeks now and so far, I feel great!

Amazeam Mattress Malaysia
Charmaine Chook
Great for Motion Transferability!

This mattress is great! My number 1 favorite thing about it is that I don't wake up when my dog or husband get in and out of bed, and my husband doesn't either - motion transferability for the win! I'm sleeping better than I ever have before.

Amazeam Mattress Malaysia
Tricia Soo Kai Cheng
Happy with Amazeam

Overall very satisfied with the purchase. Came in a box and setup was super easy. Been using it for about a month and can't be more happy.

Amazeam Mattress Malaysia
Joe Ap Zien Siang

Would recommend 10/10

Amazeam Mattress Malaysia
Ryan Gan Jun Xian

This Amazeam bed is the BEST I have ever purchased, we sleep cooler, longer and feel more rested. Thank you Amazeam!

Cool Mattress

Great mattress! I purchased two over the last few months. Coolest mattress ever owned.

Love it

I have never sleep with expensive mattress before, all I can say is worth it. Besides, delivery was super fast, ordered at 11am received on the same day. Customer support was superb as well !

Very Comfortable

Love the simple design of the mattress. The cooling effect of the mattress is great.

I love it!

The mattress is 10x better than my previous mattress!

Amazeam Mattress Malaysia
Sarah Nadheerah Shaik
Great Mattress

This is the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned. And it came so quickly. So convenient!

Amazeam Mattress Malaysia
Louisa Yong Xiu Ying
Amazeam King Mattress

Great mattress at a good price. Definitely recommend.

Amazeam Mattress Malaysia
Nicole Yau Xiao Yi
Very comfortable. Love it!

We love our Amazeam bed. I’ve wanted a “foam” bed for years and my husband was resistant. He loves it now and wishes we would have purchased it sooner. Shipping was sooner than expected and set up was easy. Highly recommend.

Amazeam Mattress Malaysia
Ammeil Ilhan Tan
Great night's sleep!

Very comfortable! Great night's sleep.

Great mattress

I have been sleeping on my new Amazeam mattress for about a month and I find it very comfortable!

Amazeam Mattress Malaysia
Jasmine Chee Sin Yue
Very comfortable

It’s great. Sleeps very well.

The mattress is ok

Amazeam Mattress Malaysia
Nikhil Gill Thesan
Unbeatable value

Perfect mix between firm and comfort and easy to clean cover. Easy to unwrap, set up make up & sleep on. The price is reasonable.

Amazeam Mattress Malaysia
Chantelle Chung
High quality.

I really enjoyed Amazeam mattress experience. From shipping, setting up to quality. Sleeps wonderfully.

Very comfortable

Easy to setup and would recommend it to anyone changing their mattress.
More comfortable than my 12 year old mattress!

Amazeam Mattress Malaysia
Jaymie Kan Huey Yue
it’s awesome!!

I sleep longer now, and wake up fresh!

Sleep better now

I am sleeping better throughout the night now.

Amazeam Mattress Malaysia
Samuel Hong Chee Kong

Has totally changed our quality of sleep. We didn’t realize how went through almost 8 year old spring mattress was until we replaced it with Amazeam.

Amazing service and product

We ordered at 10pm and we managed to receive the mattress the next day, even during FMCO. Friendly service and nice quality. Thanks!