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Nice pillow

Awesome pillow and comfort feel, just right for a good night sleep. Thank you.

It is an amazing mattress and I have much better sleep now

It's just Amazeam!!

With the quality I get compared to the price tht I paid for, I think it is worth it 👌 😌 very satisfying and comfortable. Most affordable mattress so far with an amazing quality. It's just satisfying. I got 2 pillows for free too which is 👍 👌 👍 nothing more to say. Easy to wash the cover and the thickness is beyond any other brand. 10inch. Just 👏 😮 thank you Amazeam. You are my first choice. I'll recommend to anybody to buy this👍😊

Superb and comfy mattress. My Father Like It.

Amazeam Memory Foam Pillow

Amazeam pillow the best!

Amazeam pillow so far the best pillow i have sleep on..

happy with the order

Deliver on the same day. Bed is very comfortable and value for money.

Good quality and very comfortable

This bed offers everything I was hoping for! I sleep much better.

Very comfortable

I love this bed. It is comfortable and I wake up without any aches or pains.


Tilam selesa dan tidur lena.

Highly recommended!

Excellent product and services. Delivery on the same day. Highly recommended!

Product is very good, the service excellent. Next day ship out , tomorrow received. This bed very comfortable

It is great!!!

I'm happy with Amazeam matttress. My sleeps improve. 5 Stars!

Great Purchase

I love my Amazeam! I sleep so much better. I highly recommend this mattress. Definitely worth my money!


Tilam lembut sangat dan sakit belakang saya sudah semakin kurang

Value for money

Buying this mattress was a right decision. It is very comfortable and cooling to touch. You won't be disappointed if you purchase this mattress.

Great pillow

Very comfortable and does a great job of keeping my head cool.


I bought one for myself a month ago and I love it. It is very comfy! I ended up purchasing my daughter the same mattress this week because it is so comfy.

Comfortable and cool

Love my new mattress. Both my husband and I sleep much better. Now we don't disturb each other as one of us gets in or out of bed. Very little movement!

Very comfortable

Restful night sleep

Comfy and restful!!

This mattress is fabulous! Always get a great night's sleep on it. The affordability is also a huge plus!!

Value for money

Value for money

Great Mattress

Should have bought this long more aches

Great sleep

Love my bed. Great night sleep

Cool and comfortable

I sleep much better and cooler than on our old mattress and we feel we have a better sleep.