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Best Sleep!

I love my Amazeam mattress! It's the perfect balance of softness and support. Best sleep I've had in years.

Amazeam Mattress and Pillows

Amazeam sungguh selesa, anak-anak tidur cepat dan bangun lewat… 😅

Made a real difference!

My wife and I feeling so hard to wake up in the morning because it's so comfy! Thanks, Amazeam!

Elevated sleeping quality and good rest !

Quality sleep with good rest, feeling refreshed and energetic the next morning, no more body ache!

Wow... comfy

Amazeam gives the sense of Wow whenever im sleep on it. 🥰🥰

Amazeam Super Single Mattress

Good and comfy...

Amazeam Mattress Ikea Queen

Managed to find Ikea Queen mattress size 150x200cm here.
Very satisfied with the product. Good quality. Support for back.

Queen Mattress

The mattress look good and comfortable. Hope it can last long.

Greatestest sleep quality ever, it’s you, Amazeam!

Excellent sleeping quality with Amazeam on my first try, it’s definitely recommended!

I!! My wife loves it!!

After few days having it.. I can say im satisfy.. compared to my previous nearly RM8k mattress,i love this more.. my wife loves it too.. Now my sleep is better with 0 disturbances technology.. It support my back well.. I really love this..

Best Mattress I Have Ever Buy

I've never have purchased a mattress that makes me smile every morning when I wake up. Definitely my best purchase this year and it's going to be a purchase that is hard to beat. My back feels so good now and I feel refreshed every morning.

Amazeam - the Comfiest

We bought the three online brand mattresses. Amazeam mattress, Joey mattress, Sonno mattress and and Amazeam mattress is still our favourite choice and the comfiest. Thumbs up!

Super Comfort..

I love the mattress so much. The pillow and mattress are very comfort and soft.
Feel like sleep in cloud and no more backpain and nightmare.
Highly recommended + my cat also love to sleep on the mattress. : )

Top quality mattress and pillow

Its comfortable from the first night & my sleep gets upgraded now than before. Thank you Amazeam. You are the best!

Nice and Comfort

Amazeam gives me a good sleep every night and wake up refresh every morning to work .
Thumbs up!


Immediately noticed a better nights sleep. So happy we bought Amazeam!

Soft and comforatable

I can sleep well and better than before since i sleep with Amazeam mattress and pillow. The mattress is soft, supportive and cooling while the pillow provides exact softness for me to sleep well.

Amazeam Single Mattress

Amazing matress with super comfort.

Queen Mattress

So comfortable and the quality is good. I love it so much.

Amazeam mattress, my love!

I sleep well everyday now with amazeam, and it is really comfortable. My backpain is also verymuch more reduce now. Awesome amazeam! ❤️❤️

A very good experience

I had a good experience dealing with Amazeam Mattress, from enquires to after sales support. They've answered my questions rapidly and address my concerns with vivid explanations. The mattress its self was a major upgrade to my previous 100% latex mattress: it was softer yet still firm giving enough support and comfortable to lay in


I am very satisfied with my purchase of Amazeam mattress. No more backpain and no more wake up at midnight. The mattress mattress is super comfort and feeling like sleeping on the cloud! Plus Amazeam pillow is good quality and super comfort!! I am sleeping very well now. Highly recommended product. Thanks Amazeam, good job.


The softness can hold my weight and give me a long night comfort.

My first online mattress

It is quite troublesome moving to condo, many procedures. So i buy Amazeam, the mattress in the box that made my moving easier. Thanks seller for the super fast delivery. No mattress how to sleep right. The seller also replied real fast. Thanks again.

Best quality, comfortable & cooling

Super fast delivery of our Amazeam queen mattress and pillow. Today order and we received the next day. The mattress is very comfortable and cooling and i get a much better sleep even the 1st day sleep on it. I'm happy with the order. Thank you Amazeam.