About Us

Amazeam started with simpler way for you to buy a perfect mattress for better night's sleep

We incorporate advancement in technology and logistics in mattress shopping so buyer could enjoy simpler, better and faster way of buying high quality mattress. We ensure best mattress design through research and development that support good quality sleep and make it affordable through direct to customers' business model. 

Amazeam mattress and amazeam pillow are setup ready for sleep

Reshaping the mattress industry and helping people to get a better nights sleep

To kick start our research, we left no stone unturned, travelling around the world to study, test, and research for the very best mattress materials and designs to develop the most exceptional mattresses loved by the vast majority of people.

16 Months 

in development

10,000+ hours

of testing on real people

20+ engineering 

Engineering enhancement since launch

By selling our mattress online, we could offer a premium mattress at less than half the price. And through a clever use of vacuum compression, we could fit our mattress into a compact box that fits into any lift, and make it possible to be delivered like other items via courier service.

Our business model

We cut down retailer markups, expensive overhead expenses, retail shops rental, salespersons' commission and pass the saving directly to you by providing you top quality mattress with fraction of price.

This flow chart shows a direct-to-consumer business model by selling Amazeam products directly to end customers, skipping third-party distributors, retailers and salesperson
Amazeam Mattress, pillow and box in display showroom

What is behind Amazeam's name?

The name Amazeam is inspired by having good quality sleep to achieve amazing life and live up your dream . 
Amazing + Dream = Amazeam

Superbrands 2020 logo

We are an award-winning brand.

Amazeam Mattress Sdn Bhd awarded Superbrands (Malaysia 's Choice) 2020.

We promise to continue provide the highest quality products, the best online shopping experience and utmost comfort to our clients.

A Sneak Peek Inside Our Mattress Factory

Our manufacturing partner is one of the largest and most advanced mattress manufacturers in the world, and one of few factories in the world to have passed the strict quality control requirements of CertiPUR-US®, the gold standard for foam mattresses.

Getting a Great Night's Sleep Has Never Been Easier..

Amazeam Mattress Malaysia order online

Order Online

Order is easy, relax, and convenient.
No overpriced retail markups, sales gimmicks or uncomfortable staring from strangers in a mattress retail store.

Amazeam Mattress Malaysia free shipping

Fast &  Free Delivery

Free delivery to your door anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia. Enjoy your new mattress in 2 -  5  working days.

Amazeam Mattress Malaysia Bed-In-box

Mattress arrive in a Box

The Amazeam, bed-in-a-box mattress is cleverly compressed in a beautiful compact box that fits into any lift. Sweet dreams!

Amazeam Mattress Malaysia mattress in the box

Upgrade from Your Old Spring Mattress

Fact: Memory foam owners are consistently more satisfied with their mattress than spring mattress owners.

Springs wear out and sag over time, hurting your back and posture. The Amazeam mattress provides medium firm and lasting support, and isolates motion so your partner won’t get woken up if you move around. Restful, uninterrupted sleep for all.

foam indentation machine perform firmness test to amazeam gel memory foam ensure consistent quality

Premium Materials

Our mattress is made with responsive memory foam, the same materials used in expensive, top-of-the-line mattresses. These remarkably adaptive materials conform to the shape and contours of your body to effectively distribute pressure and provide firm, cushioning support. It's smart, responsive and feels amazing.

Other questions?

Email 📧 : support@amazeam.com
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