Amazeam Pillow: Ultimate Sleep Comfort in Malaysia
Side angle of Amazeam pillow showing thickness and contour
Top side angle view of Amazeam cooling memory foam pillow
Close-up of Amazeam pillow’s cooling fabric for enhanced sleep comfort

Amazeam Pillow: Ultimate Sleep Comfort in Malaysia

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Transform Your Sleep with Amazeam's Cooling Memory Foam Pillow – Now in Malaysia

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A Cooler, Deeper Night's Sleep

Crafted with meticulous attention, our Amazeam pillow features premium performance foam for unparalleled support, paired with a cool-to-touch cover that promises a refreshing and comfortable slumber all night long.

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Key Features of Amazeam Pillow

1 Enhanced Airflow for Cooling

Utilizing advanced open cell memory foam technology, our pillow ensures maximum airflow, increasing air circulation for optimal support and a cooler sleep experience.

2 Certified Quality Memory Foam

Engineered with high grade CertiPUR-US® Certified foam material for durable and without any harmful chemicalsOur pillows are made with top-grade CertiPUR-US® Certified foam, ensuring durability without harmful chemicals, guaranteeing a safer sleep environment.

3. Luxurious Chill Fabric Cover

The removable cover of the Amazeam pillow is a testament to quality and comfort. Made from premium materials, it's not only soft and cool to the touch but also elevates your sleep experience.

The Ideal Pillow for Every Sleeper

No matter your sleeping position - side, back, or stomach - our memory foam pillow adapts to provide consistent neck support, ensuring a restful night.

Close-up of a girl peacefully sleeping on the Amazeam pillow, showcasing its comfort and support
Side angle view of the Amazeam pillow on top of an Amazeam mattress, demonstrating the ideal sleep setup

Optimize Your Sleep with Amazeam

With its open cell technology, it maintains a cool temperature, allowing you to enjoy comfort night after night.

Product Specifiactions


60cm x 40cm x 12cm


100% CertiPUR-US Standard, High-Grade Soft Memory Foam & Premium Chill Cool-to-touch Fabric.


2 Years Warranty